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On The Fence

On The Fence is an initiative led by the West Toronto Photography Group. In the vibrant and ever-evolving city of Toronto, where growth and transformation are constants, construction projects, and public fencing have become a recurring sight in our cityscape. 

Our project strives to enhance the aesthetics of fences and public spaces throughout the city using the transformative power of art.

Community Postcards

2024 Exhibition

com·mu·ni·ty - What is a community?

Is it a just unified body of individuals: such as the people with common interests living in a particular area? Is it a group of people with a common characteristic or interest living together within a larger society or is it more?

We are exploring the facets of community and its meaning and importance through the focused lens of community artists and their work in the city of Toronto.

Join us to celebrate our show in the 2024 Contact Photography Festival called Community Postcards, the exhibit is located at Stackt Market, Thank you to our 2024 Artists; Karen Weiler, Alex Usquiano, Lawrence Bridges, Monica Gupta & Phil Sutherland.

We are having a casual evening of Art appreciation at Stackt Market, please come out, be social, talk about art and enjoy our 2024 show.

We hope to see everyone at the event this year!


stackt market

28 Bathurst St

Tue - Sun 9am - 11pm

Contact Photography Festival

If These Walls Could Talk

2023 Exhibition

This year we are aiming our lens onto the cityscape; turning our gaze to the colourful murals that brighten every corner of the city and setting out focus on the artists that create the work. We are peering behind the mural to learn more about the artists behind the art and the worlds they inhabit

May 4 - June 3

Tue - Sun 9am - 11pm

stackt market

28 Bathurst St

Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival


2022 Exhibition

We currently live in a time of true disconnection and separation from each other. The past few years we have all spent far less time with people in our lives than we are accustomed to. Technology that is supposed to keep us connected is actually disconnecting us from nature, from ourselves, and from others. What can we do to help ourselves reconnect with our planet, our neighbours and ourselves in 2022?

On The Fence

2021 Exhibition

This past year has been a long and difficult time for everyone in our city, with this years show we have four very talented photographers delving into many facets of our communities, sharing perspectives, stories and love in their images. Our curatorial aim was to show each individual photographer's stories as they are captured and as a collection of images we hope you can feel hope, humanity, humor and honesty in the images presented.

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